Policies & Procedures for COVID-19 Reopening

This limited reopening is the first step in a careful, phased approach to reinstituting service at our library. To ensure the health and safety of the public and our staff, policies and procedures created in collaboration with the Library Board of Trustees, The Governor’s Executive orders and the CDC guidelines must be followed.

Phase 1: Limited Public Service Restored as Health Emergency Continues to Ease

The Building will be open to public with extra social distancing procedures (limited number of people in buildings), limited seating for the public, and adequate public area sanitation supplies. Face coverings will be required, and any and all other guidelines and recommendations ordered by the New Jersey Governor.

Services restored include: 

  • Building is open to the public with safety restrictions: social distancing, hand washing/ sanitizing and mandatory face coverings
  • Building will be open limited hours. 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday – Friday, or as otherwise provided by the Governor or the Board of Trustees
  • Patrons will be allowed into the building through one door and will exit out of the other.
  • Children’s room will be open for check out only. Computers will not be available. The public will be allowed in through the main entrance of the children’s room and will leave through the meeting room. Time allowed in room is 30 minutes.
  • Computer time in the adult area will be restricted to 1hour per day per patron with a valid Irvington or Newark library card. Visitors will be allowed 30 minutes with a guest pass. Reservation will be required.
  • Wireless printing will be available for patrons with a valid Irvington or Newark library card.
  • To help with social distancing instructions will be handed out for making copies, printing and various computer needs.
  • All seats in the waiting area for computers will be removed.
  • Wireless available throughout building and around the parameters of the building.
  • Security needs to be restored.
  • Reference, holds, and interlibrary loan suspended.
  • Returned items will be placed in a designated area.
  • Books will continued to be quarantined upon return to the library for three days until restrictions are lifted and the Covid-19 disease is considered resolved. Gloves should be used when handling books and disposed of immediately after use.
  • Staff will sanitize public computer areas as public leave their station.
  • Staff will sanitize their workspace after each shift.
  • The Cafeteria will be closed.
  • Provide at least six feet of distance all the way around between your computer terminals. Take computers out that are too close together
  • Add a place marker on the floor, or a sign, reminding people not to crowd a desk
  • Place hand sanitizing resources and reminder signs by places where people will be sharing resources: copiers, computer terminals, etc.

Service Adjustments

  • Library will be open to public on a limited basis:
  1. Restrict number of customers allowed in facilities pursuant to state/local recommendations and/or guidelines
  2. Patrons may check out materials, use copiers and use public computers (rearrange to allow for social distancing). Instructions will be handed out for use of copiers and printing.
  3. Faxing will not be a vailable
  4. Register new library accounts
  5. Suspend meeting room reservations
  6. Suspend History Room use
  7. Suspend in-house library programs
  8. Suspend computer classes
  9. Suspend notary service
  10. Suspend holds, Interlibrary loans and REBL
  11. Suspend exam proctoring
  12. No volunteers


Stage 2: Full Public Service Restored

 Library building completely open to the public with business as usual

Services restored include:

  • Unlimited entry to the library
  • Social distancing restrictions are lifted
  • Public programs restored
  • Volunteers can return to work within the building
  • Meeting Room reservations restored
  • All suspended services restored



As we evaluate developing circumstances, we will be prepared to take a step back to a previous stage if that becomes necessary.


Approved by the Library Board of Trustees 7/7/2020