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We can now apply or renew your library card for a 3 month period.

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Irvington Public Library cards are issued free to Irvington and Newark residents (unless they had a previous card).

Eligibility for Cards

The following people are eligible for an Irvington Public Library card:

Adult Borrowers (9th grade and up)

  • Must reside in Irvington and/or Newark
  • Must work in Irvington and/or Newark
  • Must attend school in Irvington and/or Newark
  • Must pay taxes (have a property and/or have a business) in Irvington and/or Newark

Non-Resident Adult Borrowers

  • Non-resident adult borrowers that do not fall into any of the above categories will be charged $75.00 for an Irvington Public Library card (non-resident borrowers can not purchase a ReBL card).
  • Irvington Public Library cannot issue ReBL cards to Newark residents.
  • Any Neark resident who obtains an Irvington Library card cannot get a ReBL subscription from Irvington Public Library.
  • Newark residents must issue ReBL cards and renew ReBL cards only from the Newark Public Library and/or any of Newark branches.
  • Newark ReBL cardholders cannot renew ReBL cards at the Irvington Public Library.

Juvenile Borrowers (8th grade and under)

  • Must reside in Irvington and/or Newark
  • Must attend school in Irvington and/or Newark

Library cards are issued to children from birth.
Acceptable proof of residency is required from the parent or legal guardian in order to obtain a new library card or renew an expired library card. [See Acceptable Identification]

Parent or guardian's signature is required on the application.
If the parent is not present at the time of registration, the child may take the application home to be filled out by the parent or guardian.
The application may be returned to the library with acceptable identification.

Lost Cards
If a patron loses his/her library card he/she must notify the library immediately. The patron will not be responsible for materials checked out after the card has been reported lost. If the patron does not report the card lost, he/she will be responsible for all items, fines and fees accrued on his/her library card. All fines and fees must be paid first, before a patron can apply for a replacement card. Patrons may apply for a new card after paying a non-refundable fee of $2.00 to replace the lost card. If the old card is found, it must be destroyed or returned to the library for disposal.

Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement between Irvington Public Library and Newark Public Library
The Irvington Library and the Newark Public Library has a reciprocal agreement between both libraries. This service is shared by both libraries. Patrons may checkout, return materials and pay fines at the Irvington Public Library and/or at the Newark Public Library and their branches. (DVD's, videos, cassettes and all audio visual materials must be returned back to the library in which it was checked out).

ReBL Card - Application
Only Irvington residents are eligible for a ReBL card - [Reciprocal Borrowing Lending Card] issued at Irvington Public Library. Non-residents living in Essex County have to apply for ReBL cards and renew ReBL cards at their home library (the town in which they reside). The ReBL card will permit patrons to check out material in the participating libraries. Since each library has a different set of policies it is recommended that you acquaint yourself with the policy of the library you intend to use.

Irvington patrons applying for a ReBL card must present a valid Irvington Public Library card and acceptable form of identification verifying proof of residency, which is required for obtaining the ReBL card.


All applicants applying for an Irvington Public Library card or renewing their library card must show proper identification: that contains the applicant's name, and current street address. Addresses with Post Box addresses will not be accepted. Checkbooks are not acceptable forms of identification. Library cards are valid for one year, and must be renewed annually with an acceptable form of identification. The Irvington Public Library has the right to ask for identification during any library transaction.

The following are considered acceptable forms of Identification:

  • A valid New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicle driver's license.
  • New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicle identification with a current address.
  • A valid driver's permit that is issued by the Department of Motor Vehicle.
  • A current utility bill, telephone bill, cell phone bill, bank statement indicating the applicant's name and street address postmarked within 30 days. (documents printed from the internet/computer will not be accepted as acceptable identification).
  • Current mail postmarked within thirty days. (Documents printed from the internet/computer will not be accepted as acceptable identification).
  • Current mail postmarked within thirty days, (check envelope for postmarked dated and street address of the applicant).
  • High School students must have a current school schedule and recent report cards indicating residency in Irvington/Newark. (It must be the original document on the high school letter head stationary).
  • Irvington property tax statement.
  • Documents of ownership of your business or property for the township of Irvington or the city of Newark.


  • People who work in Irvington and Newark, but do not live in either town must show proof of current work address in Irvington, as well as proof of current home address.
  • People who pay taxes in Irvington and Newark, but do not live in either town must show a current tax bill from the town, as well as proof of current home address.
  • If a person wishes to borrow materials from Irvington Public Library but is ineligible for a card:
    • Essex County residents may use a county-wide ReBL card which they must obtain from their home library.
    • Others may purchase an Irvington Public Library card for $75.00 for one year.
  • If a patron is unable to provide satisfactory proof of residency, desk assistant should fill out a post card with the applicant's name and address. Explain to the patron that the library will mail the postcard to him/her and that when it is received, the post card should be brought back to the library as valid proof of address within TWO weeks of the dated postcard. There is no charge to the patron for this service (unless they had a library card prior).

We Do Not Accept for Identification:

  • Personal checks from checkbooks, because it is not dated, therefore it is inadequate identification.
  • Computer printouts are not accepted, because documents can be altered by computer use.
  • Passports, social security cards, green cards, bank (ATM and credit) cards and medical cards because an address is not printed on those documents. All identification must have a recent date and state your current address.