Computer Classes

The Reference Department offers free computer classes. Seating arrangements are on first come, first served basis. At least 2 people must be signed up for class to be held. Pick up a schedule at the reference desk.

The computer classes offered in the library's Technology Lab are held weekly and are free of charge. Those interested in participating are asked to sign up at the Reference Desk 15-30 minutes before the start of the class. The instructor will call out your name before class begins promptly at the appointed hour.



Computer Class Description

The Library offers computer classes to the public four days per week. These classes include:

Computer Basics , which teaches you some computer basics, such as using the mouse and finding the computer programs you want to use.
Email I and II, which teach you how to set up an email account, send and receive email, and attach resumes and other documents to the emails you send.
The Internet, which shows you how to search for information online.
Word I and II, which helps you learn how to create and modify documents like letters and flyers.

New Classes

Haitian Creole Computer Classes- Basic Classes taught in Haitian Creole (Once a Month)
Night Computer Classes- Classes 5pm-6pm (Once a Month)
Open Tech Lab- Ask librarian basic computer questions

If you are interested in computer classes please inquire at the Reference Desk.